Hobbies, jobs, businesses and entrepreneurship dilemmas discussed in the 4th chapter of ‘WebFair Meetup’ held at ’91Springboard’ in Sector 1, Noida, on Sunday noon, January 28, 2018.

Organised and powered by SastaHost, ‘WebFair Meet-up 4.0’ benefited more than 100 entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, students and other new entrants in the industry, who were keen update themselves and to learn more about Blogging, Internet Marketing, Web Content, Web Security and other Open Source Platforms strategies.

There were total three speakers who first gave an overview of their subjects then also answered the questions of gathering.

Sanmeet Kaur, Founder, Sunson Trainings; Rajesh Arya, Founder, Affiliate Nexus and Vinay Katiyar, Founder, Vitals Ventures, presented their papers on the subject ‘Secret of becoming successful’, ‘Cost Per Action (CPA) for absolute beginners’ and ‘Niche Blogging for Beginners’ respectively and interacted with the participants.

In a ‘Chit Chat’ as final session, all present participants discussed various problems doing online businesses. Many questions related to domains, web-hosting, SEO, CPA, affiliate, blogging, content, social network and other web activities were asked with the speakers. Mediabharti.com founder Dharmendra Kumar co-related the paths of hobby, jobs, businesses and the entrepreneurship while SastaHost’s founder Pankaj Chopra solved the puzzles about Youtube and other social networks in this session along with other speakers. Blogger Rachit Singh conducted while Sumit Chopra arranged the event.

SastaHost, 91springboard, AB Group and Themesgrove were sponsors of the event while Mediabharti.com, GIndiaNews.com, The Emerging World and SamacharXpress.com were the media partners.

Date: 28th January 2018

Venue: 91Springboard, Sector-1, Noida

Numbers of Attendees: 100 entrepreneurs, professionals, researchers, students and newbies

Speakers: 3 (Sanmeet Kaur, Rajesh Arya and Vinay Katiyar). Pankaj Chopra and Dharmendra Kumar joined in
Chit-Chat session.

Session 1: ‘Secret of becoming successful’

Session 2: ‘Cost Per Action (CPA) for absolute beginners’

Session 3: ‘Niche Blogging for Beginners’

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