jay paudyal

Jay Paudyal

Founder, Startup Cafe

Jay Paudyal is the founder of Startup Cafe, he is an entrepreneur and Internet Governance enthusiast, and he has been loving it since last two decades.

Jay has 20 years of experience in IT industry. His area of businesses are well diverse but united with one thread, Internet. He runs multiple ventures like Domain Name Investment, Telephonic Language Training, Software Product Development, E-commerce, Astrology, Semi-Precious Stones, Legal Aid Services, Publishing Text & Videos online and Internet Governance.

He is also an active member of Neo-Brahmi Generation Panel under IDN Programs of ICANN, Jay is consulting this panel for making of LGR (Label Generation Rules) as specified by ICANN and supporting it with on-boarding process. He is also an ICANN Fellow alumni and volunteering ICANN in various ways.

Speaker at WebFair Meetup 6.0

Session: Domain Name Aftermarket and ICANN Outreach Session